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 Dhara for your mind

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PostSubject: Dhara for your mind   Dhara for your mind EmptyFri Jul 01, 2011 1:12 am

What are the images that the word `Ayurveda’ brings to your mind? There may be a lot, but surely, the prominent among them will be the typical picture of a person lying on his/her back with closed eyes and receiving a continuous stream of medicinal concoction from a clay pot placed over his/her forehead.

This is one of the treatment-methods in Ayurveda and it is known as Shirodhara. The name is derived from two Sanskrit words such as Shiro (means head) and dhara (means dipping). This healing technique is very common and it can be availed from various Ayurvedic hospitals, ayurvedic resorts, clinics or spas.Shirodhara is known to be effective in the treatment of stress-related diseases, head ache, sleeplessness, anxiety, hypertension etc. The liquids used for dhara can be milk, coconut water, buttermilk or oil. Sometimes just plain water too can be used depending on the disease and the patient. Various Ayurveda practitioners resort to this method while treating eye diseases, neurological diseases, or memory loss. Shirodhara is an integral part of various rejuvenation therapies too.

Various researches and clinical experiments have been conducted to find out the effect of Shirodhara on health and it is proved that the treatment helps boost the mental health. It enhances the blood circulation in the brains and helps the patient overcome fatigue, nervousness and anxiety. Shirodhara treatment provides sound sleep, improves concentration and intelligence and reduces nervous tension.
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Dhara for your mind
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